Friday, November 25, 2011


Wow, it is nearly December. Sorry about that; here's a recap of what has been going on around chez small adventure:

September - Bionica and I flew to Seattle to meet up with my work mates and Bionica's sister for a 3 day backpack trip in the Cascades. The idea here was to get photos that could be used for work material in the future, so we were relieved to get good weather for most of the trip. Day one to Gravel Lake. Day two was a dayhike to lunch atop Alaska Peak, which must have made the Alaskans in the group happy, or furious that such a wimpy peak was so named, not sure. Day 3 back down in a light rain.

October - The annual Swiss trip. After some serious work during the week, my coworkers and I had the opportunity to visit the Alps, this time staying at a hut in the above Meiringen belonging to our workmate and friend, Claudia. Claudia puts on quite a show for visitors: we were fed and entertained like kings with homemade breads, cakes, meats and cheeses. It [just barely] wasn't all eating, as we hiked from her hut in Selialp to the Tschingel, high above the valley. From here you can see over Grosse Scheidegg to the Eiger and more. Great weather for being so deep into fall...this was a fun experience.

Happenings for November/December to come. There are some good ones.