Monday, May 23, 2011

Iceland - Snacks

Hot Dogs - Iceland has a thing for pylsur (hot dogs), and think they make the best ones in the world. "One with everything" is a national phrase, and every gas station in Iceland has a special wave-shaped metal rack designed to hold a hot dog securely. The mecca for hot dogs is a small stand in Reykjavik that has been there since 1935; it is open until 3am, always has a line (see below), and everyone insists they make the best pylsur there is. The dog adds lamb to the pork and beef you're used to, and one with everything comes with ketchup, a tangy remoulade, a little mayo and crispy onion bits.

The Guardian UK calls it Europe's best hot dog. I don't know if Michael Pollan would like it, but I'm a fan.

Lamb - A traditional dish when roasted. Here's a before and after shot:

Fish - Snacks to go...

...and fish and chips (the malt vinegar cost extra; welcome to Iceland)...

...and lobster soup. Happy eating.