Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tour de Big Sur - Day 3

Day 3 - This is hump day for the trip, with the hilliest profile coming before lunch. The first big climb has road construction right in the middle, just when you start to establish a good rhythm. The flagger stops us before we enter a long section of one lane road. Later, she waves us through to continue the climb, while the cars at the top wait for us to finish before they can proceed down. Did I mention it was a long climb? I'm guessing we are making a lot of friends sitting in those cars.

Eventually, we crest and descend down the other side, but the headwind is so strong that we can't coast, despite the grade, so we have to push. When we finally do hit the bottom, it climbs again just as tall as the first time, but with a shorter distance and steeper grade. Note to self: the new bike needs lower gearing. After some more cursing (all on my part), we eventually reach the top and coast down to Ragged Point and lunch.

At lunch, we meet some other riders heading the same way we are. One is riding with a loaded trailer. The other one, college age I guess, asks me a question.

"Do you know if the hostel in Cambria has a hot tub?"

"I don't know" I reply, "We aren't staying there."

He looks disappointed. "So you don't know if they have a hot tub?"

"Um, no."

Later as we are departing, he asks another one.

"Do you know if there are beaches in Cambria?"

I answer "Well its on the coast, so I'm guessing the odds are pretty good."

"Oh, that would be cool."

The rest of the ride is easy, with flat terrain, tailwinds, and lots of beaches. Which would be great for lounging, if the harbour seals didn't already claim them all (see photo). We'll be staying the next two nights in Cambria before riding the final leg. Hey, its supposed to be a vacation.

And yes, there is a beach...

Day 3 miles - 46.5 miles