Sunday, April 4, 2010

Better late than never

After waiting some time, Bionica's birthday gift finally arrived this week. A Dahon Tournado.

"What, a steel touring bike?" I hear the crickets out there saying.
"What makes it cool, aside from the rider?"

Well, let me tell you, Chester. It breaks down into that case behind it, meaning that it can be taken on future trips as checked baggage. This uses the Ritchey Breakaway system, which I've been following for quite a while. Its slick. We learned from last year's Spanish trip that coordinating and renting bikes when abroad is a major pain in the rear. That pain is now gone, and its your won bike that you know and love, to boot. Lovely. One down, one to go...


Unknown said...

Got to admit, that is one fancy bike! Happy riding and happy traveling!