Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heavenly birthday

Last weekend, we went up to Heavenly resort at Lake Tahoe for a ski weekend. I had never beeen here before and must admit that the topography is pretty fascinating. You have a high lake that sits seemingly precariously above the mountains to the west, and desert to the east. Check out the photo; you can see the lake, ridge, and big drop to the plains below.

Heavenly itself is surprisingly flat. Even the long runs that start with 2000ft elevation changes seem pretty level. Glad we weren't on snowboards.

We had sun for our Saturday morning, with snow moving in by lunch time. By Sunday morning, all roads into the town were closed. This had me a little nervous, but hey, to be trapped in a ski town because of snow isn't all bad. Everything reopened eventually, and lucky us, it took 6 hours to drive the 200 miles back home. On bare and wet roads. Argh.