Friday, December 18, 2009

A year to remember

The old shed has been lit up, a tree has been sourced, and we have Xmas in full swing here at chez small adventure. What do you think? Needs a gingerbread house somewhere, I know.

We lived through the great Bay Area cold snap of '09, where snow actually fell and briefly stuck in the hills above us. We now hope to break out the bicycles next week for some holiday riding. I still haven't skied this season, despite having a new set of skis that haven't been used. Again. Still, the season is young.

Its been a bizarro year for sure, but an exciting one too. New travel, new jobs, new addresses, etc. Oh, and that whole married thing. Anyhow, you, our friends, have all been key in making the year imaginable, much less workable. Bionica and I are grateful for the support, friendship, advice, and good times you all have shared with us. And the pie. And the cake. And the delicious steak.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Oats said...

We love you and your adventures. They haven't been small this year!

Kaj Bune said...

Bravo! Glad to share it with you. I predict another barn burner in '10.

Kaj Bune said...
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