Thursday, November 19, 2009

What? It's November?

Sounds like my friends in the Northwest are in full-on winter mode. If I have to hear Kaj talk about the epic snow at Whistler one more time. I'm kidding. Meanwhile, here's the view a few days ago from the hill above our house:

64 degrees and sunny. Nice place for a walk, especially with snacks.

Good news is that I'll be in Seattle in nearly a week with skis in tow. And I intend to use them; let's get the season underway. By the time I return, it sounds like a few areas at Tahoe will be open. Hello cake, mind if I eat you as well?

Things here are going to plan. Bionica is becoming more 'resident-ish' all the time. Work is working. I am still not used to California, however. The other day, we were at the store and walked down an aisle with the holiday liquor gift packs. Hmm, this is how everyone else does it.

All told, fairly pleasant, and the quickest November of all time. So far...