Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bicycle built for two

Well, there's no fooling Giro Dave, so here it is-

We are now tandem people, or as Bionica puts it, "old people." It's a Cannondale, it is kitted out nicely, and we now have a lot to learn. Just starting takes a little technique; starting on a steep hill takes major faith.

Anyhow, Sunday, we rode it up into the hills above Oakland, starting at about 200 ft and rising to 1400 ft in six miles before finally getting to cruise. This is surprisingly tough, and harder on the tandem than on a 'half bike.' Lucky for me, Bionica is the best engine one could hope for. So, we put the bar end shifters to use on the way up, and had plenty of opportunity to test those super brakes on the way down. Very stiff frame, which is confidence-inspiring on these twisty roads.

We like it. Who wants to tour?


Giro Dave said...

Thanks for the post, I don't know if I could have waited any longer.
So, hill climbing??? Not what I would have expected. Oh, and where is the cocktail holder?

Oats said...

Did you get the umbrella and ice chest option?