Monday, May 11, 2009

Little deuce coupe

Bionica and I found some time to rent a tandem this weekend. I have been intrigued by these for a few years now, but had never ridden one...Bionica suggested we give it try, since the weather was great. Picked it up in the U-District and rode it to Redmond and back.

The verdict? Me likey. This bike in particular was a very upright, mountain style, with a flexy frame, and in serious need of a tune-up. That said, we were very obviously the fastest thing on the Burke Gilman trail. We were passing everyone, despite each wearing packs with a picnic lunch inside. I LOVE passing guys on Cervelos with aero bars while sitting upright and chatting with my partner. Anyhow, we had our picnic, as well as stopped by the Red Hook brewery for some rehydration. Great fun, and what a way to tour.

Expect us to be in the tandem market soon...