Sunday, March 8, 2009


Weapons-grade snowfall hit the Cascades on Saturday, with real accumulation from Issaquah east. And when that happens, the Alpine Superfriends spring into action. This weeks episode included-

"The Italian Plow" - He blasts his way through slopes big and small like a Ferrari around a racetrack.

"The Snow Ninja" - (pictured) When she's not cutting trees, she's trying to avoid them.

"The Scientist of Slope" - Every ski area is a giant lab to this intrepid speed she-demon.

"Mr. Traction Tires Advised" - This loose cannon is on the edge of control. Or...DOOM!

".danger." - Because danger is her middle name, and know one really knows her first or last name anyway. Known to squirrel away snacks in pockets, too.

When snow falls, they try to lift it up...the Alpine Superfriends!!!

(Not suggested for viewing to those who are queasy, have good ski form, dislike beer-drinking, or are sensitive to flashing lights.)


Kaj Bune said...

What the.....?

That photo is about the strangest thing I've seen in two or three hours! Will the true identity of The Snow Ninja ever be revealed? When does the comic book come out? Crazy stuff. CRAZY STUFF I SAY!

Fonz said...

Come on....stop it. We know it's you Ted.