Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey, would you look at the time?

It would seem that SA has taken a 'radio-silence' approach recently, and I must apologize for this. Life the past few weeks has been crazy, but my aim to get things back up to speed here in short order. 

Last week, Bionica and I were in Denver, seeing what we could see. When we landed last Sunday, it was 12 degrees and a bit breezy to boot. Still, we made time to ski, eat well, sightsee, drink Belgian beer, roadtrip, and get a general feel for the place. Incidentally, it was 59 degrees when we left. 

I do have a few takeaways from this trip, but the one that I'm going to address now is crepes. Specifically, why we don't eat more of them? B and I had some of these delectable treats whilst in Boulder, and be it sweet or savory, you just can't lose. We used to have a nice crepe spot in Seattle (hiya Otter), but it is no more. Would it destroy us to lose a few restaurants like an Applebee's here, or an Olive Garden there, and put up a few crepes shacks? Anyone? Do we really need another Red Robin? Or Ruby Tuesday's? This is as French as I get people...let's do it!


Kaj Bune said...

Hey TiFighter:

Just to rub it in whenever I get the chance, there's a great little crepe place in Whistler. And I agree with you - let's trade away (read raze to the ground) some of those generic American chain abominations and get some Frenchness going in this town. And while we're at it, let's bring in a few more northern Italian eating establishments. Don't get me started - wait, you already did.

BreezyD said...

Although just a lurker on your blog until now, I felt the need to chiime in here.

Agreed on all points from the both of you, however, Seattle *does* have a few crepe joints, including this little gem run by a gal that grew up in Seattle with my sister and I ...


A Votre Sante!


P.S. - Josh, I think you and I live quite close ... I see you and Bionica strolling California from time to time ... I'm at 44th and Hinds. :)

Tifighter said...

Hey BreezyD-

Good to hear from you; hope you are well! Also, good find on the crepes spot...we'll check it out. I have seen Matt from time to time, but you appear to be an elusive sighting. We'll have to grab a beer at the Bohemian, Prost or Circa sometime; we're just on the other side of Admiral.


BreezyD said...

Beer sounds great ... I'll see what I can do to track Matt down. His schedule is so topsy turvy these days. If nothing else, we'll definitely give you an impromptu shout to see if you can join up if find ourselves out for a beer on the Westside!

BTW - rumor on the street is that Anita's Crepes showings at the public markets listed on her site are just as good, if not better, than her brick and mortar spot.

Viva la Crepe! :)