Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yesterday, I finally got out on some skis for the day, which is good as I was beginning to get the shakes pretty bad. It was surprisingly empty at the local ski hill, with small lines and open runs; I suspect Seattle-ites are still too freaked out to drive as a result of our recent winter blast. Which meant more runs for myself, Bionica, and sister of Bionica.

One of the issues raised was the age-old debate of skis versus snowboards. Instead of focusing on which is better, the question we wondered is if people over 30 should really be into snowboard 'culture'. We saw some guys that were clearly a bit older wearing baggy one-piece suits with a dice pattern on them, wearing bandanas and saying things like 'jib'. In my mind, that only works if you are young and preoccupied with facial hair, texting, or how you are going to pay for rent next month. All things you should have pretty nailed in your thirties. Sister of Bionica said that while she likes the snowboard, she's not so hot on the image, and I think she's got a point. So if you are old like me and want to snowboard; great...enjoy. Just try not to look like you walked out of a Volcom catalog, okay?


Kaj Bune said...

Dude. Merry Christmas, brah...