Saturday, October 25, 2008

October sky

October is rallying nicely here in Seattle. The first half of the month was pretty disheartening, but there has been little to complain about over the past week. And its been to good to get back on the bike again recently, even if the rides are short. I got mad at myself after the 2nd ride for Suzanne; I showed up not having ridden for months and rode like it. So I have been trying to get some more regular riding in and can already feel a difference. Wahoo.

Saturday's ride was a 2-lapper around Mercer Island with Giro Dave. And except for when I nearly took him down when my chain popped off the chain ring while on a hill, we had a nice time. Autumn colors and quiet roads clear the mind, leaving time to consider what the next bike will be...right Giro?

Miles ridden (tifighter): 27.5

Avg. speed: 16.1 mph

Max speed: 32.4 mph

Number of laps we saw a woman run around MI with a stroller: 1 (nice job)


Anonymous said...

Spontanée hors route. . . tout le monde devrait essayer.