Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Click to enlarge

As some of you have mentioned, posts from the past few weeks have not allowed users to click on the photos to see a bigger version. This has now been fixed...I 'm not very smart but I figure things out eventually.


Sepiru Chris said...

Hey Tifighter,

Nice blog, nice pictures.

I found your site serendipitously while cruising for style ideas and your site has me missing my Pacific Southwest (your P. Northwest)and the concept of seasons, not just humidity differentials.

Looking at your blog I am thinking that maybe I need to learn how to pare down my dialog and ramp up the photos. I'm also missing Switzerland now, where I moved from last, after seeing your posts from there too.

Anyways, quick technical question of a stranger... How DOES one get clickable pictures to show a bigger picture? I am guessing that you are not using the blogger upload feature, but what code are you using?

If you have time to share the code, that would be great.



Tifighter said...

Sepiru Chris-
Thanks for the kudos; I checked out your blog and liked the stories about Vietnam air travel. My intra-Vietnam flight earlier in the year was way less hectic. The nice old woman I sat next to did offer me fruit leather, so that was a highlight.

Regarding the pics, I do use the blogger upload feature. My problem was that I'm early adopter to the Google Chrome browser and there seems to be issues uploading from it to Blogger. Switch to Firefox and bam(!), no problems. I save the photos as a smaller photo, usually 500x375, and upload as 'small'. Blogger does the rest. Hope that helps...