Friday, July 25, 2008

Wo ist Der Eiger, bitte?

Tuesday's trek with Uncle Alex was at the base of the Eiger above Grindelwald. Weather was reasonable at the start, but the clouds eventually ate most of the mountain (see photo & click to enlarge). This is a super popular area with tourists, but sometimes, the tourists know where to go...breathtaking area. Fortunately, the weather was spectacular the next day; more to come.

Next year, I'd like to take 5-7 days and just hike the Alps: light pack with the bare essentials, and a route that allowed me to find huts or inns along the way. Cafes too! No formal tent but perhaps a light shelter. And just walk. These mountains have sucked people in for centuries, and why should I be any different?


Trevor_Dore said...

Very Aweosme Photos