Friday, June 20, 2008

islander time

small adventure took a field trip this week to the san juan islands to see what could be seen. The concept: bikes, cheese, big tents, marshmallows, napping and a little more riding. Bionica and I departed on sunday, barely made the ferry, and made camp on lopez for the week. Spencer spit. Sangria. A fire was made, and chicken was grilled. The beach was combed. Scrabble by lantern. Success.

Monday was ride lopez day. I love lopez; you get farmland, shorelines, and good cycling in one place. The pace was slow, the views were many, the stops plentiful. Plus, the locals make for some interesting people watching; everyone was very friendly. There may have been some ice cream involved at some point. Animals everywhere; Bionica even sighted a shrew as she rode. That's a hell of a prescription you have there, Bionica...

Anyhow, top-notch. More to come...

Miles ridden (tifighter): 27.1

Avg. speed: 14.6 mph

Max speed: 34.0 mph

Number of camper vans sighted: many