Sunday, June 22, 2008

chase day

Another day, another island. A lap of san juan island was the plan, and a few things became clear early: 1.) SJ has many more hills than lopez, 2.) I was not having a good cycle day with my wooden legs, and 3.) Bionica was having a stellar cycle day thanks to her marshmallow-based fueling strategy. First half of the ride, no problem. Second half, the assignment was to simply keep up, which I barely did.

We saw few other cyclists the entire day and felt like we had the island mostly to ourselves. Not many tourists in cars, either; I think we picked the right week to visit. The day ended at front street ale house in friday harbor with well-earned food and beer, followed with a ferry back to lopez base camp just as the rain began.

Miles ridden (tifighter): 44.5

Avg. speed: 14.1 mph

Max speed: 38.1 mph

Number of fox pups sighted: 1