Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super Saturday

Forecast of sunny and 70 degrees? Sounds like a day to break out the superbikes. Once we had met up and started riding Saturday morning, we discovered a rather confusing problem. It was below 60 and raining. Surely the bikes made of plastic, like those of my fellow riders, would melt once touched by rain. Still, they managed to hold together for the day. I haven't heard how Giro's day finished up, but he was looking for at least 70-80 miles when we split up. Cause you can't just settle for bike commuting only 5 days a week, right?

Miles ridden (tifighter): 31.3

Avg. speed: 16.1 mph

Max speed: 28.1 mph

Number of STP jackets sighted on riders: 4


Anonymous said...

Hmm, sunny & 70? I’d like a recount please. Okay, I can handle a little drizzle on SuperBike day (I wasn’t doing cartwheels about it, but we rode on). About 4 miles from home I found the Greenlake & Phinney/Greenwood neighborhoods received more RAIN than any other part of the ride. Today is bike cleaning day – then the Addict goes back into its air tight package. TF – 86 at the end of the day. Thanks for the ride gents!

PS - today is the final stage of the Giro!!!