Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shady eighty

Since Giri Dave was out, I joined Giro Dave for a nice urban ride on Saturday. For those of you not in Seattle, here's what our past Saturdays in the city have looked like:

12 April - 80 and sun
19 April - 42 and snow
26 April - 66 and sun
3 May - 51 and rain
10 May - 59 and rain
17 May - TBD

To summarize, the weekends are a crap shoot. But with Friday hitting 84, chances were good that the weather would cooperate, and boy did it. I've heard it hit 88-89; major shock for our ill-equipped northwest bodies. Still, we managed to circle MI and south Lake Washington, and still find the time to eat a lunch not fitting for a post exercise meal. Job done, then.

(BTW - Giro kicked my rear up and down on this one...must be that swank set of wheels)

Miles ridden (tifighter): 36.8

Avg. speed: 16.9 mph

Max speed: 31.3 mph

Number of ice cream trucks sighted: 3


Anonymous said...

can we go back to pictures of my bike shorts . . . rather than the lovely image which accompanies todays post?