Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moto Mountain

Last Saturday, I had to get out of dodge. Day was sunny, and forecast to be 70 degrees; it was the kind of day you had to get the most out of. So I took my gas-powered two wheel steed up to Mt. Rainier. I haven't really used it much yet this spring, and it was overdue to stretch out its legs.

The road to Paradise is not in Valhalla but instead just inside the Rainier west park entrance. Its a mix of wet and bumpy below, and mostly dry above, with the occasional sluff of snow in places, so its a bit of a tarmac sampler. Right out of the gate, I found myself in a group of five bikes. Three sport bikes, a supermoto, and me. Two of the sport guys were clearly spooked by the bumps early, with the last sport guy trying to keep up with the SM. It was pointless; that supermoto could flat take off whenever he wanted. Another impressive Orange beast. I just took it easy, but it was fun to watch the show.

Paradise is mostly full of backcountry skiers and Chinese tourists in rental cars. Hard to mistake one for the other though. Bluebird day. Warm. Lunch stop, then back down. Some guy in a BMW (car) tried to ride my back for a bit on the way down. Who would ever buy one of those things? ;)

Below and inland, it hit 80 degrees. Warmer with gear, IMO. And in true Seattle fashion, the next day was wet and 55 degrees. But it was nice while it lasted.

What did you do Saturday?