Sunday, April 20, 2008

April showers

Officially, I must rescind my spring proclamation for 2008. After 80 degrees last weekend, this weekend's snow at sea level has put me and my big ideas in their place. My confidence has brought misfortune to all of us in Seattle. Unless you are a skier, that is.

Montagna Dave and I headed up for a nice Saturday ski up at Alpental. In a nutshell:

The good - Nine inches of fresh snow overnight. Untracked runs available and at taken opening time. More snow all day. Then sun. Then snow. Then sun. get the idea. Jumps and air acheived. Unofficial reports of beer at the end of day.

The bad - Every skier within 71 counties was there. Lift lines were outrageous. I tried to kill myself on chair 1.

The ugly - Montagna Dave unsuccessfully tried to break his ankle.

Anyhow, this isn't over yet, so look out for the next episode "small adventure gone wild" soon...