Monday, November 26, 2007


Catching up...

Friday saw another pleasant autumn ride take place, this time on the Burke. I think we have hit the point where the seasonal riders are hibernating for the winter. Not many people on the trails, and this seems surprising for a sunny day that most people had off. Cold is simply something to be solved with gloves, shoe covers and balaclavas...shoot, those items can solve anything.

Miles ridden: 24.6

Avg speed: 15.1 mph

Max Speed: 20.9 mph

Number of guys wearing pink riding jerseys: On the increase :(


Anonymous said...

Nice job scoring some miles Tifighter! I have a few tales of my east coast trip to share. Short version - hills and cheesesteaks.

And no matter what T-Dubya says, gears are good. I'll explain later.


Giro Dave