Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wet launch

It would appear that some of the nice things I said about September have made October rather upset. How else can one explain the general blech we've had here in Seattle this week?

My idea of riding around the Puget Sound via motorcycle was looking like a pretty silly idea when I set out on Tuesday, but I figured that things would improve as the day wore on. Guess what? It didn't. Nasty wind, sideways rain. Repeat. And that was before the thunderstorms. The ferry was like a big version of me in a canoe on rough water; well, nothing is that bad.

I hereby declare October to be national hot chocolate month.


Anonymous said...

I was able to get the motorcycle out this evening. I decided to don the heated gear. My father says, "Heated Gear??" he then laughs, "Thats not real motorcycling!". He must be jealous...right?

Tifighter said...

Well, if he isn't, I am...