Saturday, October 6, 2007

All growns up

On a week like this one, when you see a break in the weather, you'd better take advantage of it. Friday afternoon cleared up enough to get some cycling miles in on the classic BGT ride from Gasworks to Bothell and back. Pretty open on the trail since it was before commute time.

The bad news was that I was wearing sunglasses during the ride. I brought my normal glasses along in case it got dark on the return ride, but somewhere along the way, they popped out from my jersey pocket to hit the open road on their own. Bummer, but sometimes you have to let the little buggers grow up and move out into the world. I sort of picture them on the side of the trail with stick/bag combo over their shoulder like a hobo. Godspeed, glasses, I hardly knew ye.

Miles ridden (tifighter): 24.86

Avg. speed: 17.63 mph

Max speed: 25.2 mph

Number of guys seen wearing full Tour de France team outfits while riding their [hopefully] rain bike: 1