Sunday, September 2, 2007

yee haw

With nice weather, you can't help but undertake a little country cycling. The Otter donned her diapers and gave riding another go Saturday in the Carnation valley. Corn was sighted and it was high. Few cyclists were out, which is mildly surprising for a Saturday. But with a holiday, all bets are off.

I really could just tool around on a bike all season. I really enjoy the pace and the opportunity to feel, smell, interact and exist with the surroundings. It cannot be duplicated with a motor. Of course, relaxed surroundings don't hurt. Nonetheless, at one point, I saw the otter actually try to run up her speedometer to see how fast she could go. I think she cracked over 20 mph. Not normal behavior.

Miles ridden (tifighter): 15.06

Avg. Speed: 11.7 mph

Max Speed: 26.4 mph