Sunday, September 30, 2007


Rain on a weekend is not enough to keep real paddlers away from the drink.

The Sammamish slough was tamed by Julian, Nils, Kaj and myself yesterday, There was a lot to see. The salmon are returning to freshwater and they're feisty. We saw numerous fish jump completely out of the water, with one seemingly wanting to jump in my boat. That would have been a moment. Also sighted: crawdads, cargo planes, herons, hawks, and more.

Paddling in the rain is a grounding experience. Your senses, somewhat dulled by the white noise of the showers hitting the ground, become more acutely focused on the immediate. The current, the wind, the clouds, wildlife and your stomach; these things become your entire world for a few hours. Sometimes, getting out really gets you in.


Anonymous said...

This was a moment of goofing, just for the record. I can't allow my son to be photographed with his bent shaft paddle flipped around the wrong way without commenting... He's a real joker that one. Where did he get that trait from?

And who's the guy in the middle of the boat without arms?