Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Go west

Giro Dave and I did a lap of West Seattle on Monday; funny how I have never actually done this one before. Nice warm weather for a spin, but it is hard to make any progress through Alki. Too many obstacles to avoid. Like people and cars. Once you break free from there, its all gravy. Or, perhaps, pie.

Miles ridden (tifighter): 17.01

Avg. Speed: 12.94 mph

Max Speed: 22.7 mph

Number of bikes Giro Dave will own in 12 months: still calculating.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good ride and just in time to beat the rain. Two words...Gravy Pie. Talk amongst yourselves.

Anonymous said...

could we just leave the purchasing of more bike alone for just one day?

the real question is . . .what day are we going for PIE???

Tifighter said...

I was born to eat pie, Chester, so name the day and I am on it.

I just got hungry...

Anonymous said...

Long boards to Shoofly. I'm in.

Strawberry/rhubarb now.