Sunday, September 23, 2007

September's last gasps

As everyone knows, I sure like to ride the valley. Seemingly too many times to remember: during the ride, I tried to remember the last time I was there, and came up with the beginning of August. Now that I have seen my bike journal, it looks like it was the beginning of September. So what month is it now?

Sunshine, calm wind and empty roads were in abundance for Saturday's ride. I was joined by a rider new to the valley, Bo. Bo is short for turbo, or maybe boost. I can't decide. But when Bo puts her head down and starts pedaling, little flames come out from behind her tires. True story. Anyhow, lots of outside fun, which is what weekends are for. September may have shaky knees, but is not yet down for the count. Give 'em hell, September.

Miles ridden (tifighter): 32.59

Avg. speed: 18.2 mph

Max speed: 32.4 mph

Number of ponies sighted: 41 to 42