Thursday, August 30, 2007

Take me out to the..

Wednesday afternoon was 80+ degrees in Seattle, so who wants to be inside working? Especially when there is an afternoon ballgame going on. I went with Clara, and as usual, her parents Jennie and Chris wanted to chaperon.

The game was pretty ugly, so we had to make up our own sports. Seems that Chris and I unknowingly had an eating contest going on. He scored with an impressive 3 hot dogs [one after another, no less], but I replied with a hot dog, hamburger and a big order of garlic fries. We each had two drinks. We'll call it tie this time; next time, ivar dogs at 10 paces.

Last, you've heard of the Mariner moose, but have you heard of Captain Plastic? He wanders around the stadium teaching people to recycle. He wears a foam muscle suit. His dancing stinks. It must be a hard job to admit having to the ladies...