Monday, August 27, 2007

Photo finish

Sunday was a casual riding day...take a look at that average speed. Giro Dave, Kaj, and myself returned to the 'South Lake' route to chat and spin as it was the first we had ridden together in a month.

The first half of the ride was an ice cream social, but for the second half, Giro decided to push the cruising speed into the low 20's. Eventually, it set up a stage-like finish to end the ride, with Giro and Kaj trading moves and the 'lead'. Since they were busy, I decided to just pass them both and finish it myself. Sorry guys, maybe next time.

Miles ridden (tifighter) : 28.53

Avg. Speed: 14.93 mph

Max Speed: 31.3 mph

Number of fish or chips consumed during ride: None, but it crossed our minds.