Friday, July 13, 2007

With salt

Thursday, I received a customer complaint that I haven't had enough blog entries about happy hour related content. We at SA are the number one customer focused blog in the industry, and when one customer complains, we realize that puts 25% of our readership in jeopardy. So...

Is it wrong that I have had 4 Margaritas this week? Is it indicative of a problem? I've had pink ones, I've had green ones...the green ones are better, no question. But try as I might, I still struggle to count these against my required weekly fruit intake. And for that matter, does beer count as a serving of grain as shown at the bottom of the FDA-approved nutrition pyramid? Anyone?

Anyway, cheers to this weeks 'Margariteurs', the Fonz, the Continental (named for her soon-to-be NAFTA friendly marriage), the Otter, and the Scalpel of Justice. Or as they are also known, the witnesses.