Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Universal Pursuit

Mr. Kaj has an interesting post up on his blog about a concept he calls 'athletic singularity'. Check it out here.

Reading this, perhaps athletic singularity and experiential singularity live under the umbrella of spiritual singularity. Athletic singularity seems to be a way to interact with, and perhaps capture in a some small way, nature itself. Experiential singularity for Kaj, in his example, comes through photography, which coincidently, is a mostly outdoor pursuit for him and meshes nicely with the AS concept. But ES is also about releasing the inner wonder as well; one man's camera is another man's guitar (ahem). AS and ES seem to be different means to stay young, curious, and engaged with the greater surroundings we all live in, or within. In an age of wii, the blackberry, 50+ hour workweeks, hd everything and plenty of bandwidth, there is an increasing risk that people lose their connection with their 'surroundings' and that crucial sense of wonder. This ideas of AS and ES could be a nice prescription for those ills. Singularity, it's what's for dinner...