Sunday, July 1, 2007

In the heart of the country

If you haven't been on a bicycle during a 75 degree day on a rural road, you need get off of your computer right now, pump up your tires, fill up your water bottle, find your helmet and go. Wear bike shorts; you'll thank me later.

Great day with lots to see. It is very peaceful; just the sound of the breeze, and the quiet hum of the chain and tires working together. Few cars out here. The corn is coming up nicely. Why did I come back again?

Miles ridden (tifighter): 31.23

Avg. Speed: 16.02mph

Max Speed: 29.3mph

Number of random guys that drafted us without taking a pull: 1 (but this guy actually asked permission, so we are getting closer)


Anonymous said...

Number of bee stings on Josh's cycling partner, 2.

I ask myself the same question, why did I come back. I see this ride happening again very soon, like this coming weekend!

Tifighter said...

Yeah, I'm game. See what you can do about the weather, ok?

Anonymous said...

hey guys - sounds like an amazing ride! I'm gonna change out the wheel set on my uber-bike and pump up the tires...after work, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

t-dubya & tifighter, what are gents up to on the 4th? The Valley is calling . . .

If not on the 4th, then at maybe the weekend.

Tifighter said...

Bring it on, Giro.