Friday, July 13, 2007

Foo-Foo for you

Thursday night, the Fonz and I made up for the lack of riding Tuesday by continuing on where we wimped out before. Blah, blah, riding; blah, blah leaning, blah, blah epic wheelies, etc. Good fun though. Plus we caught the sunset of all sunsets.

As some already know, the Fonz and I already have a bit of a standing Saturday night date arrangement; this is what happens when you take geeky-but-willing-accomplice single guy and too-forward married guy and give them free reign. However, last night we decided that the next few Saturday nights will have themes. The first one on the schedule, which will take place upon my triumphant Euro return, will be Foo-Foo drink night. The theme here is that only thing one will be allowed to consume are those drinks that meet the 'Foo-Foo' standard. This likely means anything pink, or pastel, or slushy in texture, or accompanied by gimmicky paraphernalia like umbrellas, swords, flags, prizes, or copious amounts of fruit. If you're game, let me know. And if not, well, we're going to laugh it up with you or without you.