Monday, July 9, 2007

Destination south lake

Sunday's pedaling fun took us around our southern Lake Washington route (what we call 'south lake'): begin in Leschi, cross to MI, lap the island, cross to Bellevue, then south to Renton, cross back to Seattle then to Seward Park, then return to Leschi along the lake.

For those who do not know, Giro Dave committed to riding 200 miles weekly a few weeks back; so far he is pulling this off. Is this a summer thing, or will this continue indefinitely? Only the Italians know for sure...

Miles ridden (tifighter): 34.82

Avg. Speed: 16.06

Max Speed: 30.4mph

Number of girls that passed us: 1


Anonymous said...

nice work, guyzos - sorry I missed it. Gorgeous day for you for sure!

Anonymous said...

interesting new stat you posted? by the way, no bee stings this weekend!

200 miles a week . . .well the idea was just for the month of July, to honor the tour. I must say, you have me thinking about how long this can last. . .

I do have a request, could ya stop posting pictures of my backside? Thanks.

Tifighter said...

If you don't want me to shoot your backside, then stop pulling like a freight train and dropping me off the back.