Thursday, July 5, 2007

Chain Reaction

Wednesday's ride hit a snag when, while trying to pass another cyclist, my chain blew up in rather spectacular fashion. At least I didn't fall; a face plant on a busy state highway would be bad. And do you actually carry a chain tool every ride? Eventually, an extraction was made with the help of Giro Dave, but this meant the day's ride was way shorter than expected. But at least we had time to eat some 4th of July Korean BBQ!

Miles ridden (tifighter): 20.38

Avg. Speed: 16.49mph

Max Speed: 31.8mph

Number of bee stings collected by Giro Dave: One that I know of.


Anonymous said...

Holy smoke, Mr. Josh! It's those huge legs you got torqued the snot out of are a monster. Seriously, that looks like it probably surprised you in a big way. Glad there wasn't a face plant involved - or even a little tip over trying to get out of your pedals...

Anonymous said...

it was spectacular, but that's how Mr Josh rolls.

Just one bee sting yesterday . . .oh, and one set of manpris on the bike trail in Redmond.

66 miles on the board for Giro Dave, accumulated over 3 different yesterday . . .it's a long story . . .