Sunday, June 17, 2007

Slough snafu

I like pie. Especially humble pie.

Saturday was another day to join Kaj and get out in the new boat. Learning to pick a general direction and then actually GO that direction was the order of the day. It started a bit rough; we began on Lake Washington in windy conditions. Boat wanted to go right, I wanted to go left. After a zig zag that went too long, we eventually got to the Mercer Slough.

Kaj put me through rigorous training that would have impressed Rocky. Or the Karate Kid. J-stroke, sweeps, prys, draws and of course, the end, I was actually going straight, spinning around, paddling the boat sideways and even pulled off a few bow prys. Assuming you know what that means.

So right, about the pie. We paddled back to the put-in via the lake again. Choppy, but the boat was going straight and was plenty stable. So how I came to flip over 30 yards from the put in and go for a swim is a bit of mystery. Actually, I got distracted and stopped concentrating at the same moment the wind and waves decided picked up. Bloop. Now I know how to swim in clothes and boots.

The boat wins this round...

(PS-Check out the grey in that photo of me above...I'm old.)