Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pedal pushers

Mr. Dave and I had a little spin on Saturday; it was 50% workout and 50% ice cream social. We seem to like the chatting. Hey Mr. Dave, nice bike.

Just the facts:

Miles ridden (tifighter) - 26.72

Avg Speed - 16.13mph

Max speed - 30.5mph

Number of random guys that drafted us without taking a pull - 1


Anonymous said...

ahhh, I see what you were saying today, "Giro Dave". Well, that's Mr. Giro Dave to you!

Ice cream socials are fun. Next time, more ice cream.

Tifighter said...

True that. Maybe we should have gelato to keep in theme...don't tell Ellie though.

Kaj Bune said...

Sounds like fun. Can I go with you next time?

Anonymous said...

yea kids - I'd love an invite, too, one of these days...although I'm not quite in the superbike crowd.

Giro Dave - I like it.