Monday, June 11, 2007

Paddling a pencil

Though Kaj broke the story, I will still share some impressions about the inaugural paddle in the new boat as I munch on a molasses cookie:

-It looks great.

-Not as unstable as advertised. If I can switch from kneel to sitting while on the water, then the boat must be doing something right.

-It is a rocket. No further explanation needed.

-It does catch some wind. I ate a wurst, kraut, and pretzel dinner the night before (Hi Fonz & Otter) to bulk up and weigh down the boat, giving it lower wind profile. Not sure it worked; should have eaten cheese. But even with some respectable wind at one point, progress was made just fine.

-I have a lot to learn. My 'paddle straight via going left, oops I need to go right, whoops now I need to go left again' method, while scenic, is ultimately inefficient.

-It looks great.

-I like lightweight boats. Take it from me, heavy is out, light is in.

A good sign: while I paddled it, I thought about loading stuff in it and taking a trip. Top notch.