Thursday, June 28, 2007

Non-stop route

The Wednesday evening ride took us from Greenwood to Greenlake to Ravenna to Sandpoint to the U-District to Fremont to Ballard to Golden Gardens to Ballard to Greenwood.

Geez Dave, couldn't we have just gone straight to Golden Gardens?

Miles ridden (tifighter): 22.18

Avg. Speed: 15.58mph

Max speed: 33.3mph

Number of random guys that drafted us without taking a pull - 1

(Note-Mr. Dave is concerned that people may talk if I post more photos of him, so I volunteered to be the subject this time. Lucky you.)


Anonymous said...

Hey there Josh...nice tard. The potato goes in the front next time. Don't scare the kids!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys ride the "windies" up from Golden Gardens?

Anonymous said...

Mr Josh wasn't very interested in the "windies", although we went up 32nd?

hmm, even t-dubya know how to use the internet . . .can we get a filter on this blog please.

Tifighter said...

Wait a minute, I never said no to the was a group decision. Watch Dave; he's shifty.