Thursday, June 28, 2007

Manpris won't die!

I have shared this to many already, but for those that do not know, the manpri topic I raised on 7 May will not go away. As of the moment I write this, if you google 'manpris', this entry comes up on the first page, seventh entry down. So, despite the fact that I am anti-manpris, I seem to host one of the world's more popular resources about them. Well listen to me, world: whether you call them manpris or messenger pants or knickers, just say no. I mean it.

Cripes, I'm hereby making 'manpris' a searchable label. Begrudgingly.


Anonymous said...

I say yes, just for the record.

Hey World, don't listen to Tifighter on this subject. He's a clear thinker on every other subject, but his manpri problem is sad, just sad. He and T-Dub are paddling up stream on this one...