Sunday, June 17, 2007

From paddle to pedal

Sunday is riding day; the Tifighter cannot live by water alone. However, thanks to rain showers, water finds to me anyhow. No swimming this time, however. And boy, I am not in cycling shape these days, that's for sure.

Not all riders are created equal. I'm cruising along, reasonably pleased with my 18 mph cruising speed all things considered, when this guy rides up next to me. He must be at least 6'5", has a European accent I can't quite place and is actually wearing a neon orange jersey (I know, I know...). He is riding a bike with shifters on the downtube. While chatting, a car comes up behind us, so I slow to let Euroguy get ahead of me. In doing so, he throws down a ridiculous burst of speed and drops me in a hurry. He disappears in short order, and I never see him again. Allez, allez, Euroguy.