Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why Tifighter?

I have heard from a number of you, what is up with the name Tifighter? Mostly, I'm asked if I am that big into starwars.

Not so much into those movies. The first web forum I ever participated in was a cycling forum; I have 2 titanium road bikes. The carbon guys would give me grief about how ti bikes were for middle aged lawyers with too much money and that carbon was the future. I'd argue that for that kind of money, I want more than plastic and glue. Eventually, I declared myself the Tifighter in those threads. It stuck.

Ellie, if you are reading this, can you tell us any fun facts about titanium? I mean, it IS on the periodic table.

Tangent - If you play a clip of the noise a Tie-Fighter from starwars makes to 100 guys, all 100 will be able to identify it (except for Ted). Out of 100 women, you might get 2. As Stephen Colbert would say, "It's true, look it up."


Unknown said...

Even though it isn't one of my beloved first 20 elements, it fits the most important descriptors for any good thing: silver and shiny (and, in the case of Dave's ring, round too, which never hurts). Useful for jewelry, airplanes, and artificial hips, as well as bikes, and yet flammable if you happen to drop your bike frame in a pile of potassium perchlorate. (Don't do that. Although it could be fun from several yards away...)

Tifighter said...

I'd like to announce that Ellie has been acquired by the small adventure trivia team.