Friday, May 11, 2007

What is adventure?

So what is adventure?

small adventure is what I call my various pursuits. I am not going out to climb the newly discovered Gasherbaum VI. And I rarely put on a harness, wrestle wild animals or find myself figuring out the best way to pack a week's worth of food.

Instead, I want to try to make these small adventures a part of my weekly routine. It might be putting on inline skates and cruising down the path at Alki to smell saltwater. Or joining a group of friends to cycle through farmland. Paddling in a pitch dark drain tunnel apparently qualifies. But so does loading up a vehicle with snacks and an extra layer, having no destination until it finds you.

Kaj has summed up adventure nicely in the past, saying "Adventure is any endeavor in which the outcome is uncertain." Well said. If any of you could see me on inline skates, you would know that outcome is uncertain!