Sunday, May 20, 2007

Urban paddle spectacular

Despite winds, conflicting weather forecasts, a fear of melting, a car roof barely big enough for 2 kayaks and my continuing ability to screw up tying simple knots, there was some urban paddling to be had on Saturday. I was joined by Ms K, hereby known as The Otter, and we put in for the afternoon on Portage Bay. Wind could be strong at times, especially on Lake Union, but it was a relaxing paddle. The Otter got her paddling name because, despite being in a kayak maybe once prior, she dove right in and got to work. This is typical of her, as things requiring balance seem to come fairly easy. I bet she can swim on her back and eat a mussel.

Since I am a gear nerd, I had to pull ashore to a park and set up a lighthaven for a mid-afternoon snack. There is something comical about setting this thing up in the middle of a city, but there can be no question to its effectiveness; warming up is easy when you are out of the wind. Especially with hot cocoa. The Otter said it was like having a portable fort, and I agree. It is quickly becoming a top-five item.