Friday, May 18, 2007

tough quiz

I am reading a book called Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel. I am not too far into it; the best summary I can currently make of the book's premise is how the author takes the idea of personal sustainability and cranks it to 11 for himself, and possibly you.

In any case, he asks the reader to evaluate material and non-material aspects of their life, and in the process asks some challenging questions:

"As you contemplate the non-material aspects of your life, some questions to ask are:

-Do I take time for art, poetry, music, dance or other creative expressions?
-Am I fair in my relations with other species and other people?
-Is my life free enough so that I feel chronically unstressed?
-Do I take full responsibility for the implications of my actions?
-Is there laughter and fun in my life?
-Do I take time to care about others? Do I feel cared for?
-Is there a spark of adventure in my life?"

I'm not saying I am pro or con this book, or that I bat 1000 on the questions above. But it is pretty interesting stuff to think about...