Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vroom vroom

Things to know about motorcycles:

-Its the only viable excuse to wear leather.
-You can roam in gangs.
-People wave. A lot.
-No pesky roof to inhibit the view.
-Leaning is not only good, it is encouraged.

I like to stop at scenic points during a ride. Its nice to sit and soak things in. But I made an interesting observation yesterday on a daytrip I took with Sean, hereby known as the Fonz. A lot of people, when driving by some motorcycles pulled aside, like to gun it hard to get the attention of the riders of said bikes. This happened over and over again yesterday. We'd be pulled to the side, and some dropped Honda Civic with a bunch of kids in it would be driving normally, get to us, and drop two gears and punch it. In the middle of a straightaway. Sometimes it was another motorcycle. But mostly Civics. It must be because our bikes are red.

Side note: When riding near Chuckanut Drive, we rode underneath someone hang-gliding. I had serious envy; it looked spectacular. Has anyone tried it?