Monday, May 14, 2007

showdown at skagit island

I have returned from a three day paddle trip to skagit island. Let's cut right to the chase; top ten things I learned on this paddling trip:
10) I am a subpar paddler
9) a spray skirt is worth its weight in gold
8) any form of camping that permits luxuries like baking cobbler and bringing an accordion is top notch
7) kids really like oysters
6) beware of rival campsites where little kids swing hatchets at their mothers (seriously)
5) five golden rings
4) bears may or may not poop in the woods, but otters sure do
3) you never knew how many muscles you have topside until the day after a paddle
2) if the party hits a lull, eat [more]
and the number 1 thing I learned on this paddling trip
1) bald guys love sea shanties

More on this trip to come...


Kaj Bune said...

Five golden rings? Huh?

Anonymous said...

it took me a while,...but think of four calling birds and three french hens. for Josh it is Christmas every day.