Saturday, May 19, 2007

Goodbye Ronald

I guess it is fast becoming a Mr. Dave kind of day. This week, Mr. Dave has assumed command of the SS Arrivee (named Ronald), the bike that really started my cycling era and, in many ways, got this whole adventure thing up and running a few years back. Great machine with a lot of good memories, including my first century. Funny enough, Mr. Dave rode next to me that day and got to hear every curse word I could come up with when a hill would appear. There were a fair number of hills.

The photo above was taken shortly after I got it. It makes me happy to know it is in good hands.


Anonymous said...

Ronald? Didn't see that one in the sales ad. Good thing it didn't come with a big mac & fries . . .I'm trying to keep the weight down.

memories . . .ah the first century ride. Despite Josh's lack of enthusiasm for the hill at mile 99 (who planned that course???) it was a fun ride. And I learned some new words (Thx Josh).