Friday, May 4, 2007

Acquired: PFD

Since I am strictly anti-sinking, I picked up a shiny new PFD today. An Astral LDB. In Havana Blue. I made up that color name, but it does look nice, and there was no yellow to be had anyhow. And who knew that a PFD could carry a hydration bladder? It is comfortable; I'm wearing it as I type this...

I hope to use it outdoors soon. Kaj & listening?


Anonymous said...

Proud owner of his own PFD. This is news! Sort of like buying ski boots before skis. You are now free to decide the style and model of watercraft that best suits your paddling lifestyle. Telemark or alpine? Which religion will you follow? I say sign up for them all and have as much fun as possible. Canoe one day and kayak the next. Pedal powered paddle boat the next?